Structured Cabling Services

You need your business to operate at optimum levels at all times. This requires access to information in a timely fashion. The speed with which this information travels is critical to your business. Your cabling infrastructure must support your applications and processes to promote this flow of information. When it comes to your cabling infrastructure, whether it be data, voice or video over copper or fiber optic media, you can rely on BTSIC’s structured cabling expertise and professionalism. Our project management model provides you with a single point of contact that is responsible for supplying you with updates and reports in a timely fashion. We combine the products you need and the service you expect to create a solution that will meet all your connectivity needs.

Copper Solutions

The Enhanced Cat 5 (Cat 5e) solutions ensure your cabling system’s ability to support the application performance you expect. BTSIC can provide a Cat 5e, or a Cat 6 (draft), solution that will exceed TIA Cat 5e performance requirements and give your network an edge today and tomorrow. The structured cabling market always moves at incredible speeds, introducing new designs and emerging standards before the old are ones obsolete. BTSIC partners with leading edge manufacturers offering solutions that will grow with your business while future-proofing your cabling infrastructure.

Fiber Optic Solutions

For maximum versatility and durability a fiber optic cabling solution can be implemented into your network. Fiber offers speed and reliability from the building entrance to the desktop, whether it be in the office or on the factory floor. Fiber cable also provides greater bandwidth and longer transmission distances while improving the over efficiency of your network. A fiber optic solution in your building or campus environment provides a secure link for your multiple application network.