Make your problems - OURS

• Our consultants will meet with you to discuss your goals and visions.

• With the information provided, your assigned Project Integrator will perform a feasibility study based on your requirements.

• We will then sit down with you and discuss our findings and explorer possible solutions.

Resolution Possibilities

Our commitment to our client’s best interests allows us to be vendor-independent and provide unbiased consulting services. BTSIC will help you choose an optimum solution for your organization by bringing you products from world-class manufacturers coupled with our expertise service staff..


• Our trained and certified staff with then implement the project while adhering to the plan set in place giving you detailed progress reports.

Training and Follow Up

• We do not consider the project complete without proper post sale training and follow up. Your assigned Project Integrator will guide you through the end of project report and provide your company the training necessary for you to utilize your new technology.